June 9-10, 2012

First guest announced: Lady Soliloque

If you ever take part in any Doctor Who community, then chances are you have heard or seen the works of one Lady Soliloque (‘Lady S’ for short). She is an extremely talented artist, skilled in video making, writing, illustrating and much, much more!  We are very proud to have her as our first ‘fan guest’ for Con Kasterborous.  Check out her bio below:

Lady Soliloque (Lady S)

I’m a genuine Southern Lady, born and bred. In the mundane world I have a fantastic husband (my Mr. Master), three wonderful children, and dog who thinks she’s a cat. In the WhoVerse, when I’m not at conventions, I spend the majority of my time making Fan Videos, Writing, Illustrating, and helping Craig to manage the Who fan pages on the FaceyBook.

My website addy is: www.ladysoliloque.net and there you can find links to my Youtube channel, my FaceyBook pages, my published written works, and my Deviant Art gallery.


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